‘Call for Applicants for Post-Doctoral Research Scholarship Projects’- RawMaterials Copernicus collaboration


 ‘RawMaterials Copernicus Programme’ [RawMATCop] – based on the ‘Building skills and earth observation related expertise through Copernicus’ call from the European Commission [DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs; Space Data and Societal Challenges and Growth/Space Policy, Copernicus and Defence].
The overall aim of the RawMATCop Programme is to develop skills, expertise, demonstrations and applications at the intersection between Earth observation data, specifically Copernicus data, and the raw materials sector.
The programme contains funding for post-doctoral research scholarship projects within three ‘Research & Applications Areas’ that are described in the attached ‘Call for Applicants for Post-Doctoral Research Scholarship Projects’
The projects can be applied for by EIT RawMaterials partners of our KIC. 
The deadline for the proposals for the RawMATCop post-doctoral research scholarship projects is 28/05/2017
The awarded partners will have to recruit, employ and host the post-doctoral research scholarship. The projects have to commence no later than 01/07/2017. The duration of the scholarship projects are 12 months. 
The proposals will be evaluated by an external expert panel. The results from the evaluation are planned to be announced by the end of May.