7th ENURS 2018


For this year of 2018, the organization of the National Meeting of Portuguese Users of Synchrotron Radiation (ENURS) became the responsibility of the Materials Science Department of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of NOVA University of Lisbon.


It is the 7 th Edition of this important gathering of a very special community that became interested in the use of Synchrotron Radiation for the development of new frontiers in science and technology.

The ENURS tradition says that all are welcome to participate without registration fees, creating a special atmosphere of closeness and friendship, allowing for a wide scope interaction and networking between participants. There was a time when only a few used SR for their work. That is now changed, with the ever-increasing community profiting from the expanding available facilities. This is patent in the number of selected oral communications and poster contributions. ENURS has a special support from international organizations that invest in the dissemination of knowledge fostered in their facilities and in opportunities and incentives for researchers.

This year we are happy to have with us three reputed institutions. Representatives from ALBA (Barcelona, Spain), BESSY II (Berlin, Germany) and ESRF (Grenoble, France) will speak on the research produced in their facilities, beamlines available and access incentives to their infrastructures.

The foundations were established, and the consolidation of the various research fields, with the enthusiasm of new users and encouragement of more experienced ones, makes this informal meeting the perfect stage to establish bridges, not only among our national community of SR users, but also with the invited international experts.

It is a pleasure and an honor to be part of this.