Ph.D. student position at the LMGP Laboratory in Grenoble


Deposition of functional oxides by spatial atomic layer deposition (SALD)

Job description:

The SALD team is a very dynamic group focusing of the development of functional thin films using scalable chemical vapour deposition approaches (see link). Materials of interest include oxides, metals and metallic nanowire networks for different applications including photovoltaics, sensors, antimicrobial coatings, encapsulation of devices, resistive switching, etc. Our activity and recent research outputs can be checked in the following links:
sites.google.com/site/workdmr/ and TALK.

START DATE: October 2022 or when position is filled. Ph.D. Co-supervised by Dr. D. Muñoz-Rojas (LMGP) and Prof. A. Devi (RUB, Bochum, Germany).