Call for Admission Procedure for Young Talent Scholarships


This call will select 1 Young Talent (12 months) with international experience (abroad Brazil) to be inserted in the CAPES-PrInt project "Micro and nanostructured multifunctional materials". The candidate profile must be connected with at least one of the following areas as described below:
- Biodegradable Polymeric nanocomposites (synthesis, processing, characterization and simulation);
- Synthesis and chemical modification of nanomaterials;
- Production of polymeric nanocomposites based on thermosetting resins for use in the automotive, naval, aerospace, oil and gas industries.
- Nanostructured fluids under shear and extensional flows.
- Smart materials under mechanical, thermal and electrical stimuli;
- Multifunctional materials for additive manufacturing (extrusion, 3D printing);
The call will take place between August 1st and September 20th (beginning of the scholarship between January and March 2023).
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