Rodrigo Ferrão de Paiva Martins

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Rodrigo Martins is full professor in Materials Science Department of Faculty of Science and Technology of New University of Lisbon, a Fellow of the Portuguese Engineering Academy since 2009 and a member of the European Academy of science since 2016. He was decorated with the gold medal of merit and distinction by the Almada Municipality for his R&D achievements.

CV Summary


Currently he is the:

- Director of the Centre of Excellence in Microelectronics and Optoelectronics Processes of the Institute of New Technologies, CEMOP/Uninova;
- Head of the group of Materials for Electronics, Optoelectronics and Nanotechnologies (MEON) of CENIMAT/I3N;

- President of the European Academy of Sciences - EurASc;
- Member of the Advisory Board of Horizon 2020 on DG Research and Innovation (Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Manufacturing); 
- Chair of The European Committee Affairs of European Materials Research Society, E-MRS;
- Chair of The Global Leadership and Service Award Committee of the International Union of Materials Research Societies, IUMRS;
- Vice-Chair of Energy, Materials Industry Research Initiative, EMIRI;

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Personal Information
Habilitation in Semiconductor Materials and Microelectronics, New University of Lisbon, Portugal. Lesson title: “Density of states in disordered semiconductors” (1988);
Ph.D. in Energy conversion and Semiconductors, New University of Lisbon, Portugal. Thesis title: “a-Si:H solar cells processing and characterization (1982)”;
1977    MSc in Semiconductor Materials, Dundee University, Scotland. Thesis title: “Photoconductivity in P Doped and Undoped Amorphous Germanium.” Supervisor W. Spear, 1977 Euro physicist (1977).
Honours degree in Electronics Engineering, Telecommunications and applied Electronics, U. Luanda, Angola/ PT (1974).


Current Positions: 
Full Professor at FCT-UNL, (2002-…);
Chair of the European affairs Committee of the E-MRS
Co-chair of the Energy Materials industry Research Initiative, EMIRI (2015-…).
Chair of the  Global Serve Award Committee of the International Union Materials Research Society
Administration board of the Nature/FCT-UNL partnership journal named npj 2D materials and applications (2016-).
Strategic committee of the Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) for Raw Materials, Central Colocation Centre, Metz, France.
Expert Advisory Board of the European program HORIZON 2020, DG Research and Innovation, Advanced Materials, Nanotechnologies, Biotechnologies and Manufacturing (2016/2018).
International Advisory board of Strategic Initiative Materials, a Flanders industry initiative (2014-…).
External International Board of the PhD Program in Materials in UDJG University (University of Galati), Romania (2013-…).
Editorial Board
Journal Progress in Natural Science: Materials International (Elsevier Journal).
Heliyon - Elsevier's new open access journal
International Advisory Board
Advanced Electronics Materials


Áreas de Investigação

Rodrigo Martins has been involved in the pioneer European research on amorphous silicon semiconductors and pioneer with is group worldwide activity related to passive and active oxides,  the so called transparent electronics and it is one of the inventors of the so-called paper electronics, where paper is exploit not only as a substrate but also as a functional component in active devices.

Interesses Científicos


Publicações Representativas

Martins published over 700 papers and during the last 10 years got more than 14 International and national prizes and distinctions for his work (e.g: Lisbon Energy Live Expo, Innovation prize, 2012 (Solar tiles); European Patent Office Innovation nomination 2016 (paper electronics); Exame Informática Innovation prize 2016 (paper solar cells) ).


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5. Book: Martins R., Fortunato E., Barquinha P., Pereira L. (2012). Transparent Oxide Electronics: From Materials to Devices. Wiley, ISBN: 978-0-470-68373-6.


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