Jonas Deuermeier

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Jonas Deuermeier holds a joint doctoral degree from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal and the Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany as a result of a collaborative PhD project under co-supervision by Prof. Elvira Fortunato and Prof. Andreas Klein. He has profound methodological experience on in situ and ex situ X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). His work in this field contributed to expand the possibilities of this powerful analytic tool by developing novel experimental approaches, such as the combination with parallel in situ electrical characterization and the usage of the Auger parameter for the determination of energy band alignments at the nanoscale. Currently, he is responsible for the XPS equipment at i3N/CENIMAT. His research is focused on the development of novel optoelectronic devices with built-in potential, such as rectifying resistive switching memdiodes.

Áreas de Investigação

Material Science, Oxide Semiconductors, Surface Science, Optoelectronics, Nanotechnology

Interesses Científicos

  • Correlation of electronic and chemical properties probed by X-ray and ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy with optoelectronic device properties.
  • Analysis of inhomogeneous electrical properties.
  • In situ / inert interface analysis.

Publicações Representativas

  • N. Casa Branca, J. Deuermeier, J. Martins, E. Carlos, M. Pereira, R. Martins, E. Fortunato, and A. Kiazadeh, "2D Resistive Switching Based on Amorphous Zinc–Tin Oxide Schottky Diodes", Advanced Electronic Materials 6, 1900958 (2020).
  • A. Kiazadeh and J. Deuermeier, "Flexible and transparent ReRAM devices for system on panel (SOP) application", in Advances in Non-Volatile Memory and Storage Technology, edited by Y. Nishi and B. Magyari-Kope, 2nd ed. (Woodhead Publishing, 2019), pp. 519–538.
  • J. Deuermeier, H. Liu, L. Rapenne, T. Calmeiro, G. Renou, R. Martins, D. Muñoz-Rojas, and E. Fortunato, "Visualization of nanocrystalline CuO in the grain boundaries of Cu2O thin films and effect on band bending and film resistivity", APL Materials 6, 096103 (2018).
  • J. Deuermeier, E. Fortunato, R. Martins, and A. Klein, "Energy band alignment at the nanoscale", Applied Physics Letters 110, 051603 (2017).
  • S. Siol, J.C. Hellmann, S.D. Tilley, M. Graetzel, J. Morasch, J. Deuermeier, W. Jaegermann, and A. Klein, "Band Alignment Engineering at Cu2O/ZnO Heterointerfaces", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8, 21824 (2016).


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